Friday, November 19, 2021

And Then There Were Two....

Loyal readers will recall my posts about Zola, my wonderful orange cat who I lost to heart disease at the beginning of this year, and Empire, the cheerful black and brown tabby we adopted to fill the hole in our home (and hearts).

Then, in the summer, we learned that the adoption of Crispin, Empire's brother, had come unstuck and that Crispin needed a new home.  Would we take him?   When we learned that he had gone into rut (because his prior adopter never got him neutered) and was fighting intestinal parasites, we couldn't say no.  Especially when he was so nice to us despite his health problems. 

It wasn't easy at first, and he still has some issues, but Crispin is slowly coming to believe that we love him and that our home is now his forever home.  And, to the surprise of everyone but my husband, the boys apparently recognize each other as brothers.  Or, at least they have never been hostile to each other and now spend a lot of time playing together and hanging out together.  So it makes sense for me to show the two of them together.  

In the kitchen photograph, Crispin is the one on the floor.   In the other, he's the one facing the camera.  As always, click on the picture for a larger more detailed image.  I have taken better photographs of these two, but I couldn't resist the symbolism (bookends!) of the doorway shot.

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