Sunday, April 10, 2022

April HSM Project

April already.  Wow, has the time flown.

Between financial activities (work, taxes) and political (don't ask) activities, I have had little time to even think about this blog for the last two months.  However, I do have a happy development; I have decided upon an HSM (Historical Sew Monthly) project for April!  

April's HSM theme is "Bags."  I finally decided to buy myself a replica of the Great Bulgarian bronze mirror find, which is barely 2 inches (about 5 cm) across, for my birthday.  Though it's not a "Viking" piece, it's not impossible that a Viking might have obtained such an item through trade.  All I'd need to make a small drawstring bag to protect it is a small scrap of wool and a similarly sized scrap of linen, seamed together wrong side to wrong side in such a way that the seam allowances do not show, with a channel seamed in near the top for a closure.  I think I still have a small amount of thin cord that I could use as a drawstring, but if not I could probably braid some from thread if need be.  

It would be a very quick project, which is the sort of thing I need right now.  Wish me luck in actually finishing it before May!

P.S.  The blue cord I use to close my bag of (speculative) Viking age toiletries is perfect in thickness for the little bag I have  in mind, but is way too long.  I might cut some of the extra length off and use it for the little mirror bag.  


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