Monday, December 11, 2023

New Wonders

Now that our local election is over (don't ask) and I have less pressing law business, maybe I can resume at least posting about historical costume again.

Just today, I found a wonderful website; a collection of articles, in English and Czech, about various issues relating to Northern European culture and costume.  It's called Project Forlǫg and you can find it here.  It's aimed at reenactors, but is of interest to historical costumers and is useful to anyone interested in the early medieval period in northern Europe.  Further, it's possible to search for articles on particular topic.  Topics that I have looked at so far include life expectancy; women's ages for first and last childbirths; notes on early medieval women's dress; and articles on period armor and weaponry.  Some of the articles are bibliographies of articles about a particular issue.

Nor have the organizers limited their outreach to that website.  The following text appears on the website's Editorial Board subpage, describing the resources they are making available to reenactors and researchers.  I reproduce it here with its original links intact:

By this, we would like to thank you for visiting the project that tries to shed light on various topics connected with Early Medieval period and historical reenactment.
We are personally devoted to Viking Age studies for more than fifteen years. Our internet journal is registered under ISSN 2788-3000, DOI: and is archived by the National Library of the Czech Republic as part of the project.
Articles presented on the websites oscillate between scientific and educational or popular style. Our priorities are plainness, factuality and humility to sources. Our results are based on the combinations of different sources. The primary goal of the project is the popularization, myth-busting and constructive criticism. Secondly, we aim to create a compendium of information about the Early Middle Ages. We hold the opinion that the reenactment and science can cooperate and mutually enrich each other. You can read the code of this project by clicking on the link.
As we think it is important to discuss about the past and to find the consensus, we encourage you to write comments here or at Viking Age Facebook group. The list of articles can be seen in Sitemap. In case you would like to support the project, please continue to Sponsorship. We also offer those interested the opportunity to use our physical library, the catalog of which can be found here.

I plan to check their website for new material as often as I can, and urge those of my readers who are interested in the early medieval period to do likewise.  Thanks to Alfrun of A Wandering Elf for posting about this website; that is how I learned about it. 

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