Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fitted Wrap-Around Apron Dress--More Planning

Since I have only two active projects, naturally it seemed like a good time to buy fabric for the fitted wrap-around apron dress I want to make. :-) I took advantage of a sale to get two and-one-half yards of this blue linen from

I also took another look at the fitted wrap apron dress pattern pearl pointed out to me. That pattern really isn't what I want--in wear, it looks too much like the non-gored wrapped apron dresses I already have. Sonya's suggestion (in the comments to my first entry on this type of dress) sounds much closer to what I want--a garment that is snugly wrapped on top, but has fullness added in at the bottom by placing gores at the waist/hip level. I think I will experiment along those lines, once my fabric shows up.

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