Monday, July 13, 2009

Hedeby Apron Dress Update

Tonight, I experimented with pinning side darts into my in-progress dress based on Peter Beatson's proposed cutting diagram based on the Hedeby fragments. I pinned darts in each of the two side pieces, extending from the top of the dress to waist-level, with the deepest part about a inch above the waist.

The result is surprisingly attractive. I need to test it while wearing the shift and/or gown I am likely to be wearing with it, to confirm that it will fit, but I can probably let the darts out quite a bit if I have to. I think I will also make braids to apply on top of the darts and down the sides of the dress, also.

I will be away from home (and projects) for the next week. I expect to make progress faster after I return.

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