Monday, August 17, 2009

Fun with String--Part 5

At this point, I can consistently braid a single braid with my three loops.

The only problem, as this photograph of a section of my long braid shows, is that the braid is more stretched out and not as tight as I'd like. I have been keeping tension on the braid as I work, and pulling my arms outward while holding the loops to try to tighten the braid, but it's not...quite... working.

I will continue to experiment, since even this loose braid is not as regular as I'd like. Any further suggestions will be gratefully appreciated.


  1. Try drawing your arms further apart (until the unbraided loops are at a 90°angle to the finished part) and wiggling your fingers at the same time. That should get your braid much tighter...

  2. It's hard to draw your arms apart enough to get that 90 degree angle when you're working on the first part of a 40-inch-long braid, but I see the sense in your advice and will try it. Thanks.