Saturday, August 15, 2009

Seam Win

Yesterday, I was looking at Heather Rose Jones's Archaeological Sewing page and noticed that it mentioned a seam treatment for wool fabric that looked awfully familiar. The seam treatment in question is described about a third of the way down the page listing seams that were documentably used on wool. The description reads as follows:

Medieval: Wool, right sides together: running stitch seam, raw edges turned under together and overcast. [Hägg 1984, Hedeby (northern Germany), (11)]

I was pleased to see this because this is the exact seam treatment I've chosen to construct my Hedeby-inspired dress. Granted, I chose the method because the pattern I was using required me to use very small seams if I was to succeed in making a garment I could wear at all. But I was pleased to see that I chose a construction seam that the original garment that the Hedeby fragment came from probably used.

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