Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Book on Tudor Period Dress

In my surfing tonight, I checked the Tudor Tailor website, where I learned that the researchers who brought us The Tudor Tailor are planning a new book, a short case study like The King's Servants which came out last year. The site notes:

Meanwhile, Caroline Johnson is hard at work on a new case study book with the working title The King’s Women, which is likely to cover dress at the English court from the late 15th century into the 1530s. It is scheduled for publication later this year.

I'm not adding this book to my "new books" list yet because this one is not yet far enough along that the final form of the title, let alone the publication date, are known. I've posted this in case any of my readers who are interested in 15th-16th century English women's dress wish to make a note to themselves to track Ms. Johnson's progress.

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