Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Inga Hägg Has A Website!

I just learned from the LiveJournal of a friend of a friend (thanks, mmy life!) that Inga Hägg has put up a web site, here.

Most people, including most of my fellow historic costume enthusiasts, will undoubtedly be wondering what I'm making such a fuss about. Anyone who has been studying costume of the Viking Age, however, will recognize Professor Hägg as one of the few archaeologists who has made a serious study of Viking period grave finds in order to glean information from which to develop reconstructions of Viking era costume. Since my historic costume interests have come to center on the Viking age, any channel of new information about Professor Hägg's work is very good news for me.

Like most of her publications, Professor Hägg's website is written in Swedish. That isn't as much of an obstacle as it used to be, since Google Translate has become quite adept at producing comprehensible, if imperfect, translations of web pages. From Professor Hägg's translated web page, I found the following happy news:
Under the heading "Publications" you will find a selection of my works, some of which will shortly become downloadable directly from this page.
I, at least, will be eager to see what works are posted for download!

EDIT:  (2/4/2020)  The above link to Inga Hägg's website is dead.

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