Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Abstracts for NESAT XI

From one of the mailing lists I frequent, I have learned that the abstracts of the papers to be presented at the next Northern European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles ("NESAT") are now on line.  As I've mentioned before, the NESAT is held once every three years, each time in a different city and country. The next one is scheduled to take place in Esslingen, Germany, in May 2011. That means the printed volume containing the papers likely will not be published until the following year. The website says that the volume for this NESAT, the eleventh one, "will be published in a volume of the Internationale Archäologie series by German publishing house VML Verlag Marie Leidorf GmbH."

You can find links to all of the abstracts on this page. They are listed by author; clicking on the author's name takes you to a separate PDF containing the abstract. The list also indicates the language in which the abstract, and presumably the article, is written.

There are some very interesting papers to be presented at NESAT XI. The following papers, listed here with a link to the abstract for each, touch upon subjects near and dear to my heart, but in general if you are interested in historic European costume from before the 17th-18th centuries CE, a browse through the abstracts may turn up items of interest to you also.


  1. Thanks for posting. Looking forward to see articles by Pritchard and Heckett.

  2. Hi, Nevan! Thank you for stopping by.

    I fear we're both going to have to wait a while for the NESAT XI to be published. But I'm planning to acquire the volume, and I'll post about the Heckett and Pritchard articles once I've read them.