Sunday, September 12, 2010

Byzantine Medical Costume

I was looking for photographs of Middle Byzantine brooches for the costume I'm planning when I came across an interesting website called Maestra Anya's Big Blog of Medieval Miscellany. One of the older posts was about physicians' costume in Byzantium. It includes pictures from period illuminated manuscripts. Apparently physicians in Byzantium, at least during the late medieval period, customarily wore blue, or blue-green robes. I find this sort of detail fascinating. Maestra Anya's blog includes posts about other interesting items and facts; I recommend that any reader interested in the Middle Ages check it out.

EDIT:  to correct my misstatement about the time period from which the illustrations featured in Maestra Anya's post originate.


  1. wow, thanks for the shout out! :) Great blog, by the way!

  2. Thanks, glad you like it! I was impressed by yours as well.

    By the way, have you found any sources that give pictures of Middle Byzantine brooches? I'm particularly interested in modest stuff in bronze, not the elaborate gold and jeweled brooches the nobility and royalty wore. Any leads you might have would be appreciated.