Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Vendel Update

Today, Amalie's band arrived. Except for the edges (which will be hidden, given the way I plan to stitch it onto the tunic I will make) I think it's beautiful.

I have decided to go with an off-white wool for the tunic and, more tentatively, with a dark blue for the overdress. The white wool is on its way to me. I haven't ordered the dark blue yet, partly because of financial considerations and partly because I may yet find information that supports a different color choice. I do want a dark color because, if I were going to wash the white wool, I would have needed to order more than 2 yards and I wanted to limit the amount of fabric I needed for the tunic to 2 yards to minimize the cost of the costume. So I do not plan to wash this tunic but intend to allow the overdress to serve as protection for all of that whiteness. 

There will be more updates as I make more progress.

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