Friday, November 12, 2010

A Vendel Brooch!

It appears that the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City has at least one Vendel period disc-on-bow brooch that may have been made in Norway.  It is about 20 cm long and looks as though it contained enameled plates, though those are now missing.  Information about this brooch can be found here.  But there seem to be more examples found in Gotland (or at least more examples of which there is information on the Internet) than in Norway. Still, this information provides food for thought.


  1. Found some more, in:

    "The Iron Age Settlement of Arctic Norway II: Merovingian and Viking Periods" by Thorleif Sjovold, 1974.

    plate 29 has a disc-on-bow brooch, beads and an oval brooch from Tromso. The description on page 167 says it is illustrated in:
    Gjessing, G. 1934. "Studier i norsk merovingertid" plate XL.

    There is also a much more incomplete brooch on plate 36, but I can't find its' description in the catalogue.

    So, there are two more.

  2. Neat. Thank you.

    In other news, I've been looking for a disc-on-bow reproduction. I found another German site selling one for 29 Euros, and they take Paypal (which is useful for me). Unfortunately, shipping to the US is 35 Euros!

    Back to the drawing board.