Sunday, March 13, 2011

Relearning Nalbinding

So after completing a work-related project for work this weekend, I am making a new effort to relearn what I learned previously of nalbinding.

I have succeeded in relearning how to start, and how to do a line of stitching in Mammen stitch (the one I had learned before). I even did an adequate "spit splice"--something I'd never really succeeded at before.  But now I'm kind of stuck on pivoting.  

At least I have plenty of yarn, and no shame about restarting when necessary.


  1. Pivoting? Are you trying to do a flat piece rather than a spiral, and this is the word you are using to turn around and go back the other way? I have had good luck simply switching which hand is holding the needle and which the work when I want to go back the other direction. note: I suspect one must be ambidextrous to accomplish this.

  2. No, I an trying to make a tube (which of course is worked as a spiral). However, I am exactly the opposite of ambidextrous, and can't imagine how to do it as you describe!

    I have had success with the pivoting technique (it involves basically stitching a bend until you can connect to the back of the string of stitches you have done) in the past; I'm sure I'll re-acquire the knack pretty soon. I kept at it after I wrote my post, and I hope to have a piece in progress worth taking a picture of soon!

  3. Hi!
    I have uploaded on Youtube a video about pivoting just last week. I wonder if that's what you meant.
    video 6
    How to start mittens at top, square shaped top. Pivot. Increasing.
    10:59 min

  4. @ Väkerrystä

    Yes, I just watched the relevant section of your video, and that is definitely a pivoting technique. It doesn't seem to be the same technique used in the handbook from which I am learning nalbinding, but that may be because the book is teaching Mammen stitch and not the Finnish stitch you are demonstrating in the video. I think it's helped me anyway. Thanks so much!