Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Non-Progress Report

Because of vacation plans, spending more time board gaming with my husband, and new projects at work, I haven't done any work on my costuming projects since about mid-July, and I've done very little reading.  Since August is drawing to a close and people may be wondering why I haven't posted to this blog in awhile, I'd like to give a brief progress report on the last few projects I've discussed on this blog:
  • The wrap-around fitted Viking apron dress. I managed to hem one side before bogging down. Since this is the project I'm most likely to be able to finish quickly, I plan to go back to it this weekend if possible, and see whether I can finish it by the end of this month or, failing that, the end of Labor Day weekend (September 2-5).
  • The nalbinded mittens. I managed to get the thumb piece nalbinded onto the body of the mitten, but because of exhaustion I was reluctant to push on and perhaps ruin what I'd done.  It's next on the list after the apron-dress for resumption.
  • The Vendel outfit. I had just purchased some Sculpey from which to make a disc-on-bow brooch when pearl posted about an article referencing information about Vendel-era costume that has made me rethink my assumptions.  More about the rethinking process soon.
  • The Lagore Crannog tablet woven band. It's still set up on my loom, mocking me.  
I hope things are a bit quieter in September, so I can get back to one or more of these projects.


  1. Don't pressure yourself too much, it's ok to let the projects rest for a bit! I'm sure you'll soon find the energy/time to work on your projects, just don't force it or you might loose the fun part of handicrafts. So just let it happen when you feel like it! =)

  2. It's not a question of pressure; I'd *rather* be doing costume-stuff. It's just that the schedule is full enough that it's a trade off between sleep and working in costume stuff, and none of my current projects (except maybe the apron dress) are things that I'm prepared to risk working on with so little of my real attention devoted to them. (Does that make sense?)

    Actually, there's a reason I'm kind of afraid to look at my apron dress project--I think I cut up one of the gore pieces by accident in the course of a minor non-costume project. :-)

    But thanks for your kind words!

  3. Yeah, that does make sense. =) And by the way, I just added your blog to the bloglist on and I hope that's ok. I just love your blog! /Fanny

  4. It's perfectly okay; I'm flattered that you put me on your bloglist!

    Your Viking shoes are neat, too; that's one form of Viking age sewing I've been afraid to try. Is there an archaeological find that inspired the shoes that use a tablet-woven band for lacing? It's such an elegant idea I'm a little surprised I've never seen it anywhere else.