Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Lagore Crannog Band--Finished!

Tonight, I finally finished my Lagore Crannog band.  The pictures here show the full band, and close ups of the best section.  Once I finally figured out how to consistently get the turning sequence right, I was able to pack the threads properly and complete it quickly.

Top side, as I was weaving.
Back side, as I was weaving.
The band is very short--too short to use as a headband.  It is just long enough for the good part to decorate the area between the two brooches of a Viking apron dress--except that the original band was 1) Irish, and 2) pre-Viking age.  I may wear it as a bracelet (even though that obscures the best section), or use it to ornament a small bag.

However, I like the pattern; it is elegant, and the band itself is very solid and would be useful, in a longer length, as a belt or a strap for an item.  I might make up a longer band in this pattern, sometime, now that I understand how that pattern works.  But next, I think I'll start the Snartemo band.
The whole thing.