Sunday, November 27, 2011

Suvia's Letters

I have been doing more movie-going and housework than anything else this Thanksgiving weekend, but I wanted to bring my readers' attention to a newish little blog called Suvia's Letters.    The objective of Suvia's Letters is to collect resources for folk interested in France during the Merovingian period (roughly 450 C.E. to 750 C.E.).  So far, Suvia has published a bibliography of sources about Merovingian material culture and some translations of articles about clothing-related archaeological textile finds of the period.  More translations are in the offing.  

While they were in power, the Merovingian dynasty was the dominant cultural force in Europe.  Anyone interested in post-Roman-Empire costume in Europe would be well-advised to become familiar with Merovingian culture, and Suvia's blog is a good place to start. I plan to enjoy reviewing the articles she has translated. (I know some French, but starting with the original text and an existing translation still makes things easier.)  Hopefully Suvia's blog will be useful to others as well.

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