Saturday, December 3, 2011


Good news! I will be doing a guest post for The Dreamstress! She is planning to do a continuing series of posts on definitions of costume/sewing terms from various eras, and she is asking a number of bloggers whose work she enjoys to contribute. My post (unsurprisingly) will be on the Viking "apron dress" and the various names applied to it.   Most likely my post will appear on her blog sometime in January; I'll post here when I know the date and will provide a link to it after it's published.

Stay tuned!


  1. Cool! I just looked at The Dreamstress' most recent post about recreating the 1911 wedding gown. I found it interesting because I recently tracked down my maternal grandparents' wedding date: August 26, 1912. (I knew they had had a 50th wedding anniversary celebration, but I was too young to remember it.)

  2. Thanks!

    Your comment has inspired a mini post that I plan to write up over the next few days. I appreciate the inspiration.