Saturday, February 8, 2014

First Adventure in Sprang

The third Historical Sew Fortnightly project is to make something that is pink.  I have decided to use this project as justification for an experiment in sprang by making a sprang hairnet.  A search of Etsy revealed a suitable quantity of wool in a pink shade I found appealing, and purchased.  A picture of the wool may be found to the right of this post.

Pink wool!
Next, I needed something to use as a sprang frame. After rejecting the idea of using branches from my yard (too brittle) or my tablet-weaving loom, with dowels or something similar tied to it (too unwieldy), I decided to go with a tested, but thoroughly modern idea--a sprang frame made from PVC pipe and right-angle connectors (pictured). After soliciting some advice from a string-geek friend, I decided to make the frame 18 inches by 28 inches, with the tied-in support pieces being 16 inches each.  That size should give me enough room for a variety of future sprang projects, assuming that I succeed with this one.

I have also been reading different web sites, seeking clear and detailed explanations for how to warp a sprang frame and actually do some basic sprang weaving.  Here are the ones that look the most helpful to me so far.

Blue's videos on sprang working, the first one of which is embedded in this post.

Phiala's handout on basic sprang:

Gwynnyd's handout on basic sprang:

The Sojourning Spinner's basic sprang tutorial:

Now, I have to find some suitably sized sticks to hold the weave, and then nerve myself to warp my frame and start experimenting.   Since my home is still without power and I have paying work to catch up on, how soon I can get to this project is debatable.

Less debatable is how authentic I'm going to try to be.  At this point, I'm not attempting to recreate any particular type of sprang hairnet; I just want to make a basic piece of sprang that can be fashioned into a net or cap. Particular patterns can wait until I've learned the basic technique.  


  1. Still no power? How horrible. I hope you can get it back on soon.

    I'm very interested in seeing how your sprang turns out.

    1. We got our power back on Saturday afternoon (Feb. 9); however, there's another storm coming tonight....