Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter Interlude

I am typing this in a hotel room a couple of miles from my home, feeling frustrated.

Why am I here? Because the second winter storm we've had this week took out our electrical power--at 4:30 this morning.  Worse, it's not just us--over 500,000 buildings in the 25 miles around Philadelphia are without power--and likely will be for some time. Bad things happen when power lines and the tree branches near them become covered with snow and ice, and the ice starts to melt...

Worse still, I have a new job, but I can't get there either.  The trains aren't running (see ice on power lines, above).  Driving the 25 miles to Philadelphia is a crap shoot too, between the fallen trees and powerlines, and the outages in the city.  To say nothing of the fact that the temperatures are supposed to plunge, refreezing the roads tonight...  Besides, my husband doesn't drive, and I don't want to leave him alone without even the possibility of transportation.

I thought about trying to work on my sprang cap, but the thought of embarking on a new technique in a hotel heart isn't it.  It's ironic--I got nothing done on my apron dress project last week because I was getting ready to start the new job.  Now, I can't really do even the job.  Grr.

So I guess I'll be watching the weather and trying to work on the limited amount of documents I brought with me.  Heaven alone knows when our power will be restored, but maybe tomorrow the trains will be running and I can make up for lost time.

EDIT:  (2/8/2014). There was no train service till Friday, and that was when I finally made it back to my place of employment. I got in some work, though I'm still behind. Fortunately my employer appreciates the storm issues and I can do some work this weekend.  We have moved from the hotel to a relative's home, but are still without power as of Saturday afternoon.

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