Saturday, March 7, 2015

HSM #3--Stashbusting!

I was prepared to make my early Norwegian overdress/peplos for the Historical Sew Monthly's Stashbusting challenge until I discovered one unfortunate fact.  I no longer have 5 yards of dark blue flannel, because I used some of the fabric for my Byzantine mantion a while ago.  I found the scraps of it, along with the remaining straight piece I used as a non-sewn wrap last summer, earlier this week.  The straight piece is about two yards long--but that length isn't quite enough to make a nicely draped peplos overdress on me.

I still plan to make the overdress, but now I need to acquire fabric for it all over again--and that fact makes it ineligible for the "stashbusting" challenge.  The point of the "Stashbusting" challenge, after all, is to use up fabric and notions you already have--not to buy more fabric!

So I'm back to the idea of making cut-and-sewn stockings for the March clallenge.  I can still make some out of the badly dyed light blue wool I wrote about before--or I can use the scraps of my dark blue flannel.  I like the idea of using the dark blue fabric better; it's thinner fabric and likely to be more comfortable than the light blue fabric.  Although that may no longer be the case if I pre-wash the fabric, which I plan to do since stockings need to be washable.  Watch this space to see where I end up with this plan.

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