Sunday, January 17, 2016

More Early Period Links

Over the past few weeks, I have found a number of very interesting, free articles about early period costuming and textile issues that I'd like to share.  I'm still working my way through them, so I can't say a lot about them, but you can have the fun of downloading them and reading them yourself.

Archaeological Textiles Review has made its Issue No. 55 available for free download. Because of the way the web page is set up, you have to click on the link on the left hand side that says "Download Issue" to get to the page with the downloads on it.*  Issue Nos. 46-54 are available for free download as well.  Interesting articles in Issue No. 55 include:  a summary of a PhD thesis on textile production in Classical Attica; a detailed article about reconstructing the cut of the clothing of the north Caucasian Alans in the 8th - 13th centuries CE; and an article about colors found in Latvian archaeological textiles dated between the 3rd and 14th centuries CE, complete with a detailed listing of fragments for the article.

Other interesting items include the following:
  • Gleba, Margarita & Harris, Susanna. "Bronze Age Moss Fibre Garments from Scotland--the Jury's Out," Archaeological Textiles Review No. 57, pp. 3-11.  The article can be found on here.
  • Dode, Zvezdana.  "Costume as Text", in Harlow, M., ed., Dress and Identity, pp. 7-18 (BAR International Series 2356, 2012).  Also available from; link here
  • Vajanto, Krista.  Dyes and Dyeing Methods in Late Iron Age Finland.  Dissertation scheduled for public discussion January 16, 2016.  Although this one is quite technical, I'm looking forward to reading it and learning more about what colors and dyes were used in Iron Age Finland.  The thesis can be found on the website of the University of Helsinki here.
  • Ms. Vajanto's master's thesis, about the nalbinded mittens found with the woman in Eura grave 56, can be found on her web page here.  Unlike her PhD thesis, which is in English, this paper is in Finnish.
  • Sindbaek, Søren.  "Crossbreeding Beasts:  Christian and Non-Christian Imagery in Oval Brooches", in Garipzanov, Ildar, ed., Conversion and Identity in the Viking Age (Turnhout:  Bropols 2014)  pp. 167-193.  The article can be downloaded, again from, here
Finally, for the medievalists among my readers, Beatrix Nutz has made an article that she wrote with Irene Tomedi about dyed textile finds at Tyrol Castle available on, here.  The text is in German and Italian, not English, but it's well-illustrated with color photographs of the finds.

*     The PDF file labeled as Issue No. 55 says "Issue No. 54" on the cover page of the actual file image, but that is a typographical error. The issue with the mostly sky blue cover and the sketch of a flower on it is what you want.


  1. Cool links! I particularly like the one about oval brooch imagery.

    1. I still need to read the one about brooches. I've read the Gleba/Harris and Dode articles and they are very interesting, if not quite within my normal sphere of interest. The Vajanto thesis, however, may shed light on dyes used in Scandinavia in the Viking period, and thus is of particular interest to me.