Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Gotland Find Articles

Ironically, I missed out on the January "Historical Sew Monthly" (with the theme of "Procrastination") by procrastinating too long.  

I'm working on a more interesting post for later this week, but for now I want to mention that some of Dan Carlsson's papers and short illustrated monographs Gotlandic Viking era finds--including beads, items made from bone and antler, jewelry, combs, and knives--can now be found for free download on Academia.edu. 

The bead monograph is here.

The bone and antler craft paper is here.

The jewelry monograph is here.

The comb monograph is here, and the knives monograph is here.   Happy reading!

One final word.  On the Arkeodok website high-quality images on CD-Rom of many other Gotland finds are available for purchase. I urge you to buy some to help support the work of Carlsson and his team if you need to look at quality pictures of such finds very closely for research purposes.

EDIT:  (2/4/2016) My original post had some really bad organization and syntax errors, which I have fixed.


  1. Thanks for linking these. The article on knives is very timely for me since I'm booked in for a knife-making workshop on the 16th.

    You're not the only one who missed the deadline for Procrastination by, er, procrastinating. I'd thought I might submit my Phaistos helmet for that one, but I didn't get onto it in time.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, and for the neat projects you do! There's so darn few of us interested in Early Period stuff....

    2. You’re welcome. It’s a shame there are so few people doing Early Period. I guess it can be a little frustrating in that there’s often so much research involved, and no matter how much research you put in you’re left with a decent level of ambiguity. That’s actually one of the things I enjoy about it, but I can understand why other people might not feel the same way.