Friday, February 5, 2016

Another Book for the Viking Lovers

I just learned from a closed group on Facebook that The University of Copenhagen is selling the following print-on-demand book in the museum store on its website:
Lyngstrøm, Henriette Syrach, ed.    Refashioning Viking Age Garments:  Archaeology at the Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen.  (2016).
It is available in English here.

The University has a freely-downloadable PDF on the book's sales page which contains a list of all the papers that appear in the book  I have reproduced that list below.  (Note that there's a paper by Hilde Thunem in the book.)
  • Tim Flohr Sørensen, University of Copenhagen: Archaeological Reconstructions: Between Fact and Effect.
  • Ole Thirup Kastholm, Roskilde Museum: Tribal Communities and Archaeological Reconstructions.
  • Eva Andersson Strand, CTR University of Copenhagen:  Viking Age Textile Production, a brief introduction.
  • Irene Skals, National Museum of Denmark:  The Use of Wool Fibre Analysis as a Tool when Reconstructing Textiles.
  • Ulla Mannering, National Museum of Denmark: Skin and Fur in the Viking Age.
  • Lise Ræder Knudsen, Conservation Centre Vejle: Tablet Weaving on Reconstructed Viking Age Garments – and a Method to Optimise the Realism of Reconstructed Garments.
  • Louise Schelde Jensen, Bork Viking Harbour: Garment Colours.
  • Gvido Libmanis, Copenhagen:  Rus Garments Who Wore What and Where? What did it Look Like Then and How to Convey That Knowledge Now?
  • Ida Demant and Anne Batzer, Land of Legends, Lejre:  The Good Garment Reconstruction.
  • Charlotte Rimstad, CTR University of Copenhagen: The Hedeby Textiles: New Inspiration foReconstruction. 
  • Hilde Thunem, Trondheim VikinglagWith a Pleated FrontPossible Reconstruction of the Hangerock (Selekjole) in Grave ACQ from Køstrup.
  • Elizabeth R. Palm, Commercial Reconstruction –A Balancing Act.
  • Maria Ojantakanen, The Viking Village in Albertslund: The Use of Garments in Reconstruction Environments.
  • Bodil Holm Sørensen, Viking Museum Ladby: Viking Garments on show at Viking Museum Ladby – First and Second Edition Garments. 
  • Maiken Munch Bjørnholt, Ribe Vikinge Center: A Garment Project at Ribe Vikinge Center.
  • Stine Nordahn Frederiksen, The Tycho Brahe Museum: Garments of the PastMuseums of the FutureAbout how Reconstructed Garments (perhaps) can be used in Museum Political Strategy. 
The cost of this volume is about $36.00 USD, but the postage appears to be about the same amount, so I won't be buying this book immediately.  But I'm glad that it exists, since I am eager to learn the authors' perspectives of Viking clothing reconstruction.  Even more importantly, I want to see what light they shed on the original clothing, and about what I can do to reconstruct Viking clothing today.

EDIT:  (2/6/2016)  Apparently I read the shipping terms section of the University's site wrongly; several American correspondents report having paid approximately $5 USD for shipping.  Also, my wonderful spouse read this post and noted that I have a birthday coming up.  I may end up getting a copy of this book after all!  Stay tuned.


  1. If you do get the book, I'd love to read a review.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Rest assured that I will do a review if I get my hands on a copy of the book.