Tuesday, September 25, 2018

One Afternoon Tutorials--A Little Something Different

It's been a while since I posted a collection of quick costuming projects.  The current selection includes directions for items both practical and unusual.
  • From Anna's blog, Anachronistic and Impulsive, comes a pattern, instructions, and some documentation material about how to make an Archaic period Greek peplos.  Bonus:  full color photographs of several of the peploses Anna made, and of an exhibit showing several statues of the period, both as they look today and as they may have looked when the paint on them was fresh.
  • Also from Anna's blog, a pattern, instructions, and documentation material for an Archaic Period himation.
  • Mad about Viking fashion?  Too broke to afford a princely-looking pair of tortoise brooches?  Visit Vorpal Rabbit's blog and learn how to make a great pair--from Sculpey!  Obviously, this isn't a technique (and doesn't involve a material) that was used during the Viking age, but the process of planning and carving a suitable design from Sculpey will teach one more about Viking tortoise brooch designs than simply picking up a pair from Raymond's Quiet Press or another vendor who caters to the Viking reenactment market would do.
  • If the Italian Renaissance is more your thing, try this quick and easy Vorpal Rabbit project--ribbon-tied dangling earrings.
  • Finally, I recently found a different pattern for a one-hour 1920s dress than the one Kass McGann posted a few years ago. Here it is, courtesy of Bianca, The Closet Historian.
Good luck, and have fun!


  1. These are fantastic, and now I know about Anna's awesome blog. Thanks so much!

  2. You're welcome! One thing I try to do when I compile these lists is not just to link to tutorials for interesting projects, but to draw some attention to good blogs that I had not heard of before.