Monday, October 22, 2018

Another Pair of "Catskin" Mittens

While web surfing today, I found to my surprise that Susanna Broomé, the woman who runs the website and business, Viking Age Clothing, is making her own pair of "catskin" mittens based on her pattern for the Akranes mittens!  A picture of her work in progress can be seen here on her business's Facebook page.  In the accompanying post, Susanna makes it clear that she is basing the project on the völva's mittens described in the Saga of Eric the Red.  However, she is using white rabbit fur, not faux fur, to stand in for the "catskin" lining.

Meanwhile, I have gotten bogged down and have not progressed on my mittens; I'm trying to decide whether to recut some of my faux fur pieces and start over or just unpick stitches and proceed with what I have.  In the meantime, I have two related projects in mind that should be much simpler and that I'm likely to get to first.

Susanna is a much better seamstress than I, but I find it flattering, somehow, that she agrees that the Akranes mittens make a good starting point for the völva's mittens.

EDIT: (10/26/2018)  Susanna finished her mittens!  You can see a picture of them on her Facebook page here.  Looking at them makes me think that perhaps I should just buy enough black lambskin for the hood to make the outside layer of my mittens black, also.

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