Sunday, October 27, 2019

Follow-up: Elizabeth I's Rainbow Portrait Gown

The Rainbow Portrait (public
domain photo found on
Wikimedia Commons)
As a follow-up to my post on the Bacton Altar Cloth, here's a video about current efforts to make a reconstruction of the elaborately embroidered gown Elizabeth I is wearing in the Rainbow Portrait.  That reconstruction, when completed, will join the Bacton Altar Cloth at the exhibition at Hampton Court Palace.

For the curious, further information about this famous portrait can be found here, here, and here, which are three different sections of the same web article.  Another analysis may be found here.

The  first article I linked to above makes the bold and interesting claim that the painting had to have been done by a French miniatures painter by the name of Issac Oliver, because the features shown on the Queen are those of Oliver himself!  (Note:  Current scholarship does not agree that Oliver was the person who painted the portrait.)  A photograph of the portrait is shown to the left of this post.  As always, clicking on the photograph should bring up a larger and clearer copy of the image. 

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