Wednesday, November 20, 2019


The fourteenth NESAT (North European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles) is coming up. It's scheduled to take place May 18-22, 2020 in Oulu, Finland. It has been organized in collaboration between the University of Oulu, Aalto University, and the University of Helsinki. The schedule, including names and topics of persons who will be presenting either posters or papers, may be found here

Of special interest to me, given my fascination with the Viking Age and European prehistory are the following. All descriptions come from the NESAT XIV area of the NESAT website.
  • Katrin Kania: Tablet-Weaving: Weaving Complex Patterns Without Paper Drafts.
  • Ulla Mannering, Eva Andersson Strand, Charlotte Rimstad & Ida Demant: Fashioning the Viking Age – the tools, textiles and costumes.
  • Mervi Pasanen: It´s all about details – Finnish late iron age dress finishing and accessories.
  • Alexandra Makin: A recreation of the early medieval St Cuthbert maniple.
  • Jana Ratas: Spiral tube decorations on ancient clothing in Estonia and neighbouring countries on the Eastern coast of Baltic Sea.
  • Sue Salminen: Ravattula Dress project.
  • Maikki Karisto, Heini Kirjavainen & Jaana Riikonen: Fibres & Dyes, Bands & Seams - Preliminary results on Ravattula costume ca. 1200 AD.
  • Tuija Kirkinen: Microfibers evidence the use of skin garments in the 11th century inhumation burial 56 in Luistari cemetery, southwestern Finland.
Annika Larsson is presenting a paper about silk samite textiles found in Boat Grave 36 at Gamla Uppsala. In light of some of Larsson's stranger theories, I view her upcoming presentation with a bit of trepidation, but hope that it will at least contain useful information about archaeological finds with which I am not familiar.

I have not succeeded in obtaining copies of the conference volumes for NESAT XII and XIII, though I've seen and obtained some of the papers involved from  NESAT XIV looks as though it will concentrate heavily on my periods of interest and I'm excited to see what information is reported in it.

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