Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Project--Snartemo II Band

Since the band I got from Amalie will only trim the neckline of my proposed Vendel tunic, I have decided to put my new tablet weaving loom to use, weaving a band in the Snartemo II pattern to trim the sleeve-ends.  I am using the directions on Shelagh Lewins' website, though I plan to weave the band in dark blue and yellow, with a two-tablet border, using 20/2 wool yarn obtained from Phiala's Stringpages Supplies.

When this project is done, I plan to try a band from an old issue of the newletter of the Complex Weavers' Study Group that was found in Lagore Crannog, Ireland.  Like Snartemo II (which is also discussed in the same newsletter),  one or more holes are left unthreaded in most of the tablets for the Lagore Crannog band.  That band only requires four cards, so it should be quick and easy to weave.  I should probably use bigger cards and thicker yarn for that one than the 20/2 wool thread I bought for the Snartemo project.  Maybe I'll do the Lagore Crannog band first.   

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