Sunday, March 6, 2011

Playing with String

Feeling a bit intimidated by the Snartemo II pattern, I strung my tablet weaving loom for a smaller band--the four-strand Lagore Crannog band--only to find that I'd made my life much more interesting thereby.

The Lagore Crannog band uses only twelve strands of yarn and four 4-hole tablets. Only one of the four tablets has a thread in all four holes. The next two cards have strands in three holes, and the last in only two. the turning pattern is simple--three turns forward, three turns backward.

My source warned that the band would have a tendency to twist, and the cards would have a tendency to slip out of alignment, and I was prepared to deal with both of those things. However, I didn't realize that I would have a hard time figuring out where the shed was! I pulled out the weft and restarted at least three times because of that. I think I'll wait till tomorrow or later this week, to start again. (Partly, this is because my old card-weaving shuttle is tied up on another project, so I've decided to buy another one to have available.)

The good news is that I found the mitten I was nalebinding (see my project list on the far left)! The partial mitten (with my favorite nalebinding needle stuck in it) was in a plastic bag, stuffed inside one of the yarn cones I decided to use for the Lagore Crannog project. However, I think I may just start over with the mittens. Looking at what I'd done so far, it has so many visible knots I'd rather just write it up to experience instead of trying to proceed with what I had completed to date.

There will be pictures of the Lagore Crannog project when I have enough of it finished.

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